Experimenting With Black Tea (Benefits)

When you see a bright sunny morning ahead of you, and absolutely no work to do; those ideas strike you that are quite immature, not-so-creative, but beneficial. If not, well at least, it strongly concurs in this case!

I have been up all night with a heavy head irritating me. It probably needs sleep. But only if my mood would allow. And the weather, didn’t convince my mood. So I thought of experimenting with black tea.

Yeah! That’s not quite an experiment but for a person like me who takes risk in every single thing, I must say normal things have become an experiment for me if it calls for fun! Ha!

Let’s cut to the chase. I stepped inside the kitchen, which I had last seen in like 24 hours. And I quickly made up this black tea. And after closely observing the hidden deep magnitude in that black tea, considering the fact that milk tea doesn’t have any such quality; I decided to take a sip.


Ahh.. how tasteless! lol That was my first reaction. Uh, wait. Until I realized that the sugar added was insufficient. Sigh. I added more sugar to it. Must say, that heavy head problem was gone. And I felt kinda fresh. So fresh that it convinced me to write about it!

Meanwhile, I searched for the benefits or side effects it would cause me. And I got to know some really interesting facts.  Black tea is not really helpful for all the people who avoid caffeine (for whatever reason) since it contains 2-4 % caffeine. And for pregnant and beast-feeding ladies, it’s a big no-no! But there’s always another side of the coin.

Black tea helps us in various ways.

  •  Improves mental alertness.
  • Improves learning, memory, information and procession skills.
  • Treats headache and low blood pressure.
  • Prevents numerous heart diseases.
  • Reduces the risk of numerous cancers.
  • Prevents tooth decay and kidney stones.
  • Protects the heart and blood vessels.

And to top it all off, black tea is also used for WEIGHT LOSS! So all those curvy ladies out there, do try this magical potion for it really is very healthy. And being an optimistic person; I’ll very much look forward to drink it at least 2-3 times a day!

FYI: I’m curvy and would definitely like to try the magic out. And if you’re waiting for my complete recommendation, just wait 2-3 months and I’ll let you know! Psst! Unless I opt to discontinue due to side-effects! 😀

But really! Go sassy and try it out!