Life has innumerous hurdles, Fascinating scenes of style.
Some things might be superfluous, But cannot be futile!

My agile mind had started thinking about something. Something what I still don’t know. Maybe, it was searching for the answers of my questions. Each day, I ask many. Life gives you a lot of lessons. Some good, some bad. Need not all be useful at the moment. But none is nugatory. Someday, somewhere, somehow, at some point of life you will find it fruitful. Life is a maze. Few have understood, few have not, few will never. But who cares? Who wants to understand life? Who wants to understand people? Who wants to understand minds? All you care is “live and let live” because Kya Pata Kal Ho Na Ho? (who knows if there is a tomorrow or not?) But in this journey where you think you live, you do learn. And when you learn, you understand. Sometimes things seem more entangled than it really is. All you need to do is understand. And when you’re able to understand things.. you’ve lived. You’ve actually lived! Umm.. Oh, wait. Ain’t I over-thinking? lol

P.S. Go Sassy!

Saadia Shah





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